The Big Picture

"Pleasant Plains" was the name of the 19th century Holmead estate; it had already been apportioned into small lots by the time the city of Washington annexed the area in 1878.  Howard University notwithstanding, the rest of Pleasant Plains is heavily residential.  "Park View" takes its name from views east over the Old Soldier's Home grounds, which hosted neighborhood social gatherings at the turn of the 20th century.  The influx of today's population dates from the 1999 opening of the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station.


Get Situated

Located in Ward 1, and considered as one contiguous entity, Park View and Pleasant Plains are bordered by New Hampshire Avenue and Rock Creek Church Road to the north, Park Place and Howard University to the east, W Street to the south, and Sherman Avenue to the west.


Commute Times

McPherson Square: 20-25 minutes by bus
Columbia Heights: 10-15 minutes by bike
Hyattsville: 20 minutes by car

Public Transportation

Buses: 63, 64, 70, 79, G2, G8
Bikeshare Stations: 3


Columbia Heights, Georgia Avenue-Petworth, Shaw-Howard, U Street-Cardozo (Yellow, Green): 5-10 minutes by foot.

A Special Place

Not suprisingly, a large portion of Pleasant Plains residents are affiliated with Howard University in some way.  To the north, Park View is attracting a broad mix of people.  Along both Georgia Avenue and nearby 11th Street, stylish restaurants and bars are slowly but surely taking hold.  


It's true: The Fisherman of Men Church on Georgia Avenue started out as the York Theater, a 1919 movie palace that was celebrated for its ornate details in its heyday.  Howard University is named for founder Otis Howard, a Union Army hero who chaired the Freedmen's Bureau in the late 1860s.

Petworth Metro.jpg

home sweet homes

Larger developments on the main streets, small to medium row houses elsewhere.


Nowhere Else