The Big Picture

Dating from 1799, the Washington Navy Yard is the oldest shore establishment of the U.S. Navy and was its largest shipbuilding facility by the Civil War. The neighborhood also became home at this time to other industries including brewing and sugar refining.  In 1886, the Yard was converted mainly to ordnance manufacturing.   At its mid-20th century peak, the Yard consisted of 188 buildings and employed nearly 25,000 people.   Ordnance manufacture ceased in the early 1960s.  Some buildings were converted into offices, but the construction of elevated Interstate 395 and rising pollution in the Anacostia River produced a half century of blight that lifted only with the development of the Capitol Riverfront generally and Nationals Park (2008) in particular.  The residential and commercial transformation is accelerating today.  The future 11th Street Bridge Park is eagerly anticipated.


Get Situated

Located in Ward 6, the Navy Yard is bordered by K Street to the north, 11th Street to the east, the Anacostia River to the south, and South Capitol Street to the west.


Commute Times

McPherson Square: 25 minutes by metro
Eastern Market: 5-10 minutes by bike
Fort Washington: 20 minutes by car

Public Transportation

Buses: 90, 92, A9, P6, P17, P19, V1, W13
Bikeshare Stations: 5


Navy Yard (Green)

A Special Place

Even as the entire Navy Yard area is emerging as one of the District's new centers of sophisticated urban living, the 8th Street Historic District includes the greatest remaining concentration of historic structures in Near Southeast and provides a strong connection to adjacent Capitol Hill.


It's true: The Lincoln assassination conspirators were brought to the Yard following their capture. The body of John Wilkes Booth was examined and identified on the USS Montauk, then moored at the Yard.

Navy Yard

The "Stock Market"

Unlike other parts of Washington, there is not all that much traditional housing stock to renovate here.  Rather, think new luxe apartments alongside industrial loft conversions, many offering some of the best waterfront views anywhere in the city.  The market skews currently towards rentals much more than opportunities to buy, but that is expected to change as more new developments are completed.


Nowhere Else