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Buy·ers Ag·ent (n.) - a licensed professional who works on behalf of a Buyer of real estate during a sales transaction. They act in their client's best interests and negotiate on their behalf using the Agent's market knowledge and experience to locate the best property at the best price - all with exceptional service.

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Whether you are looking to buy your first home or an investment property for your real estate portfolio, GreenLine Agents provide you with the best market data and experience to help you navigate the process.

GLRE Agents are there at every step to help their clients navigate the complicated home buying process. GreenLine regularly holds FREE First Time Home Buyer Workshops.

Need more space?  Or maybe you're downsizing?  GLRE is your trusted advisor guiding you through life's big moves - the real estate ones anyway. Buy and Sell with GreenLine.

Looking for a multi-unit rental or a condominium development project?  GLRE agents know the values and can help you make sound decisions based on sales data and current market trends.

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Buyers love working with us because we are excellent communicators who value your time and business.  See what some of our past Buyer clients say about working with our agents.

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