The Big Picture

16th Street Heights was part of Washington County, but not the District proper, until the Organic Act of 1871. Streetcars along 14th Street and Georgia Avenue then spurred rapid growth  Starting in 1892, division of the 80-acre Maple Grove Farm was managed by the forerunner to today's B. F. Saul Company.  Deeds in "Saul's Addition" specified single-family, detached homes only, and proscribed both commercial and military buildings; over a century later, the southern half of 16th Heights still embodies those priorities.

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Get Situated

Located in Ward 4, 16th Street Heights is bordered by Military Road to the north, Georgia Avenue to the east, Arkansas Avenue to the south, and 16th Street to the west.


Commute Times

McPherson Square: 30 minutes by bus
Catholic University: 15 minutes by car
Silver Spring: 10 minutes by car

Public Transportation

Buses: 52, 53, 54, 70, 79, E2, E3, E4, S1, S2, S4, S9
Bikeshare Stations: 3


Not readily accessible

A Special Place

You'll end up driving a little more than elsewhere in the city, but you can't beat 16th Street Heights for architectural appeal, quiet leafy streets that feel almost suburban, and easy bike rides to Carter Barron or the Fitzgerald Tennis Center.


It's true: So many churches and other religious institutions line 16th Street that you will sometimes hear the nickname, "God's Boulevard." 

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home sweet homes

Grand brick Colonials and Tudors grace 16th Street and immediately adjacent blocks, giving way to modest Craftsman and Foursquare detached houses.  The 14th Street Terrace area is home to more duplexes. Renovation is happening at a very brisk pace.


Nowhere Else