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XMAS (some call her Chris) is an urban lifestyle enthusiast and loves DC. There is so much to offer: a unique architectural mix, the history, the culture, a diverse population – no matter what you’re into, you can find it here.

Xmas is as unique as her name. She’s a nerd, bundled inside an artist. She has a B.A. in economics and loves doing research. She has extensive experience in property development/management, architecture and marketing. She spent her younger days playing bass in indie rock bands and traveled extensively through Europe as a tour manager for other bands (she still sings and plays guitar). She loves working out her creative side with her hobby making handmade corsets and re-fashion designs. Before starting her career in real estate she had her own vintage clothing store.

As an real estate agent, she appreciates the ability to impact people’s lives meaningfully. She understands that a home is the most basic element of one’s needs and that it’s important to live in a place that is in-tune with your lifestyle… in a home that resonates with you… And, much like choosing a new guitar, you can’t just grab anything off the rack… it has to feel right. It has to fit; that’s when the magic happens.

Making the whole buying and selling process streamlined and easy for her clients is what makes doing real estate so rewarding.


GreenLine Real Estate
3927 Georgia Ave, NW
Suite 1
202.802.1487 – C
202.525.5236 – O
202.525.5442 – F


Certified Distressed Property Expert


Xmas Maxon - Agent at Greenline Real Estate

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