Nitu Patel, Business Development Manager


Nitu Patel

202.421.7000 – C

Nitu Patel is a passionate sales and marketing executive who brings game-changing impact in business development for growing companies. She began her career in sales selling residential real estate and continued to drive explosive growth as she transitioned into the fashion industry. Over the course of the past 4+ years, Nitu has excelled in all facets of market leadership through launches, innovations, and process changes. She demonstrates a keen sense of strategic thinking, organized planning, and a zealous attitude for positive results. In her spare time, Nitu enjoys reading, yoga, feng shui, gardening, and cooking.



GreenLine Real Estate

3927 Georgia Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20011
202.525.5236 – O
202.525.5442 – F

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