Gayan Agalawatte, Agent



Gayan Agalawatte

Gayan is a licensed real estate agent who lives and works in the District of Columbia.

Gayan has lived in Washington, DC for almost a decade and the rate of change and growth has been astonishing to him. He loves exploring every corner of the City and stays plugged into the DC real estate market and its growth, tracking new projects and trends. He firmly believes that investing in a home is the most important investment one can make. Sometimes, in a fast evolving market, it’s hard to see it that way – but Gayan takes care to advise his clients about the benefits of the investment in homeownership and the market trends that support the investment’s growth over time. Gayan started his professional career as a financial auditor at KPMG and went on to work at FannieMae, British Telecom and other Fortune 1000 companies and banks as a consulting manager in both the United States and in Europe. As a real estate agent, he draws on his knowledge about investing and the mortgage industry when advising his clients, making sure they not only know what to buy but more importantly when to buy or sell.
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