Cheryl Shaw, Agent

Cheryl Shaw

202.823.9313 – C

Cheryl brings over 30 years of experience in marketing, community service and business management to her clients.

She has personally experienced purchasing real estate to provide for her family and to maximize her investments. Cheryl constantly studies the markets she serves while connecting in the communities through preferred partners and organizations that impact the neighborhood culture.

Cheryl’s past work as a nonprofit director and service as a community leader has taken her to many states throughout North America and to several continents volunteering to change the living conditions in impoverished communities in Haiti, Brazil, Mozambique, the Philippines and domestically in locations affected by natural disasters.

While focusing on the real estate needs of her clients, she spends her spare time supporting the DC arts community by attending various cultural events and is an avid collector of visual art from artists of all cultures and backgrounds. As a cancer survivor she also shares her passion for supporting research to save lives.

Urban life is Cheryl’s area of expertise. Born in Washington DC she returned to DC after living on the West Coast where she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and raised her family. She is glad to be back on the East Coast and a resident of the city. Her motto is “buy and sell the neighborhood”.

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